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Honours and Awards



Award for Safety Engineering Excellence

U.S. Government Award for Safety Engineering Excellence

On June 4, 2001, at the 17th. International Technical Conference on the Enhanced Safety of Vehicles, held in Amsterdam, Dr. Alan German received a U.S. Government Award for Safety Engineering Excellence.  This series of awards is given in recognition of and appreciation for extraordinary scientific contributions in the field of motor vehicle safety and for distinguished service to the motoring public.  The citation read as follows:

Dr. Alan German
Transport Canada

Over the past twenty-three years, Dr. German has performed numerous studies in motor vehicle safety and collision investigation, and has authored or co-authored approximately sixty scientific articles and papers dealing with various aspects of motor vehicle safety.  He is internationally recognized as an authority in collision investigation.  His publications have enhanced the safety communities' knowledge in a number of aspects of motor vehicle safety, in particular, with respect to the design of occupant restraint systems.  He was instrumental in developing Transport Canada's up-to-40 km/h low speed offset test which led to establishing requirements for advanced airbags.  This award is bestowed in recognition of his contributions in the field of motor vehicle safety and field collision investigations.



Dr. Charles H. Miller Award 2001 Dr. Charles H. Miller Award Winner
Le gagnant du prix Dr Charles H. Miller 2001

The Canadian Association of Road Safety Professionals has established the Dr. Charles H. Miller Award for the best technical paper presented at the Canadian Multidisciplinary Road Safety Conference and/or published in the conference proceedings.

German, A., Comeau, J.L., Monk, B., McClafferty, K.J., Tiessen, P.F., Chan, J., The Use of Event Data Recorders in the Analysis of Real-World Crashes, Proc. of Canadian Multidisciplinary Road Safety Conference XII, London, Ontario, June 10-13, 2001

Event data recorders are installed on many late-model cars and light trucks as an adjunct to air bag sensing and control systems. These devices offer tremendous potential to traffic safety researchers, affording access to a wealth of new data, enabling better understanding of on-road traffic safety issues, and providing opportunities for the development of new and effective countermeasures. The authors report on a series of test programmes and pilot studies of collisions involving vehicles equipped with event data recorders. These include instrumented crash tests which can be used to validate the quantitative results obtained from on-board recorders, and in-depth investigations of real-world collisions where results obtained using standard reconstruction techniques can be compared to the electronic data relating to crash severity. Our current studies also include an evaluation of pre-crash factors involved in real-world situations, based on in-depth investigation techniques, detailed occupant interviews, and analysis of a variety of pre-crash data elements obtained from event data recorders in collision-involved vehicles. A lack of standardization as to the nature of the data which is recorded, the formats in which it is currently stored, the proprietary means by which data can be retrieved, and concerns relating to individual privacy, may provide substantial roadblocks to wide data accessibility. It is imperative; therefore, that the traffic safety community considers the utility of these data systems at an early stage, and actively champions their further development and use if they are seen to be beneficial to the cause of furthering safe transportation.

PDF fileThe full text paper is available for downloading as a PDF file (863 KB)

Dr. Charles H. Miller Award

Dr. Charles H. Miller Award Certificate



CATAIR President's Choice Award Presentation
Inspector Stanley McNeil (R), RCMP National Traffic Services, presents the 2006 CATAIR President's Choice Award to Dr. Alan German (L)


2006 CATAIR President's Choice Award

CATAIR's President's Choice Award was initiated in 2002, and has been awarded to eight members in past years. This year's recipients are Bob Rivers and Dr. Alan German. They join the past awardees of Don LeComte, Brian Linklater, Murray Dance, Ken Zwicker, Bob Scott, Bob McElroy Ph.D, Peter Skrypka, and Bob Sybydlo.

Alan German has been a member of CATAIR since its inception year, 1984. He was also active in the formation of EOTIS. Alan is, and has been active in a number of professional associations and groups, and yet Alan has been a constant supporter of, and participant within our association. Alan has assisted virtually every police analyst within Canada over the past 20 or so years through his sharing of expertise and his continual involvement with police training. Alan has also been diligent in providing our association and other groups Transport Canada's vehicle specifications data to assist in our daily investigative duties. Alan has always come to the podium, so to speak, whenever he was approached to present for our group, or others.

We are honoured to have Alan as a member of CATAIR, and I am pleased to be able to present Alan with the President's Choice Award as a token of our appreciation for his dedication to CATAIR and to making our roads a safer place to travel on.

Terry Lolacher, President
Canadian Association of Technical Accident Investigators and Reconstructionists



Lifetime Achievement Award, Canadian Association of Road Safety Professionals

The Canadian Association of Road Safety Professionals (CARSP) held their Annual General Meeting on the first full day of the 21st Canadian Multidisciplinary Road Safety Conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Alan German, a Past President and current member of the association's Editorial Board, received a Lifetime Achievement Award for his lifetime commitment to CARSP and to road safety in general.

Lifetime Achievement Award Presentation